Carbon can help you start investing.

Carbon democratizes the investment techniques of the top 1%

Wealthy investors recognize the importance of controlling risk in their portfolios, and they utilize financial instruments that largely aren’t available to new investors. Carbon utilizes the techniques of this select crowd to allows our investors to build portfolios with their unique risk preferences in mind.

Personal risk preferences

We'll help you dial in a level of risk you're comfortable with while allowing your portfolio to remain in stocks.

Invest in companies, not funds

Build your portfolio with companies you know, love, and use everyday. Ready to be a shareholder?

Track your portfolio

This isn't a bank account making 0%/ year. Follow your investments and the companies they represent.

Invest like the 1%

Their strategies, your portfolio

Carbon was built on the idea that sophisticated investment tools and opportunities shouldn't be limited to those with deep pockets, and advanced degrees in finance. By democratizing these techniques and making them available to you, we can build portfolios that can be tailored to any level of risk tolerance.

Get off the roller coaster

"The stock market is like a roller coaster. You know there will be ups and downs, history tells us this, but you're never really expecting them." Don't live in fear: be confident of your investments, even on the worst days.

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Don't overcomplicate investing

Investing doesn't have to be intimidating, confusing or difficult. Carbon makes it easy to build an individualized, protected portfolio. "I don't know how", is no longer an excuse to not be investing.

Why we're different

Carbon is the only automated investment service that actively protects your portfolio against market downturns. Using financial derivatives used on our client's behalf, we can put "gaurdrails" around your portfolio in the market, protecting it from sizable losses.

Passive investing

Cloud-based automation

Carbon was designed for the passive investor who may not have time to constantly manage a portfolio. Since our process is fully automated, you can check in as little or often as you'd like knowing we're doing the hard work of protecting your investments.

Start investing with confidence

We want you to feel totally confident when you invest for the first time. Part of Carbon's mission is to help rebuild some of the trust that has been lost to the stock market in recent years. We all know that "time is money", so let's not lose either.

Invest with confidence

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